December 19, 2017

Recently I had the chance to sit down and chat with Martiza Barone on TheGoodTV: The Good Health report to talk about what is going on when we make bad decisions…

She asked some good questions and here are my thoughts:

  • Why do we sometimes make poor decisions?  Decis...

July 17, 2017

A smile has been the advice so many things in our lives over the years:  Win them over and always answer the phone with a smile in your voice.  How to beat a complaining customer? Kill them with kindness and smile politely!  When the going gets tough, just suck it up a...

October 20, 2016

Wow now that does not sound terribly ground-breaking… did you know you can use your voice to command respect?  Of course, you did.  But here is something interesting, did you know it has less to do with raising your voice and perhaps yelling; but rather more to do with...

August 27, 2014

In every organisation, in every part of our lives there are people who we just don’t get.  They push our buttons and they make us go crazy…  Why?  Is it them or is it me?  I would suggest that it is a bit of both!

To really understand better how to manage...

August 1, 1999

Its a given that you only call someone at home if it is urgent and at a reasonable time. 

Don't send faxes to a home when you know it will disrupt the peace of quite home time. 

Don't call someone in their car unless it is really urgent. 

Don't page someone at home unless...

July 1, 1999

Never intrude on others privacy by using your cellular telephone in a restaurant, during concerts, at the movies, in the theatre, at the opera or in church. 

When using your laptop on the plane do not encroach on the person next to you space. 

Remember continuos tapping...

May 1, 1999

Remember every person has a legitimate reason to make their complaint and believe totally what they have to say to be real and valid. 

Give the complainant every courtesy and sign of compassion. 

Follow up on your promises. 

Be polite and soothing in your approach. 

If the...

March 1, 1999

Be where you said you'd be five minutes before the conference is scheduled to begin. 

Remember to identify yourself each time you speak. 

Turn the microphone toward you when you wish to contribute.

Try to sound fresh and up-beat when you speak. 

Don't interrupt when someon...

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