July 4, 2017

We came to realize many many years ago that pay was not really a high item in the agenda as to why staff stayed or left a job… Sure we acknowledge that few people can go to work for no pay and that all employees have expenses outside of the office that means a certain...

October 20, 2016

Wow now that does not sound terribly ground-breaking… did you know you can use your voice to command respect?  Of course, you did.  But here is something interesting, did you know it has less to do with raising your voice and perhaps yelling; but rather more to do with...

August 27, 2014

In every organisation, in every part of our lives there are people who we just don’t get.  They push our buttons and they make us go crazy…  Why?  Is it them or is it me?  I would suggest that it is a bit of both!

To really understand better how to manage...

September 1, 1999

Be non-gender specific with your language - use terms like that person, our administrator, etc. 

The term "guys" has become unisexual, while the term "gals" has fallen out of polite use. 

Refer to positions in non-gender terms i.e. chairperson, business person, police of...

August 17, 1999

With the majority of baby boomers close to retirement, young Australians, known as Generation X, must now play even a more significant role in the country’s economic future.  In light of this fact a company’s success in the next millennium will depend on its ability to...

June 21, 1999

Never before has the question posed by the leading US business magazine Fortune have a more apt time:  “What’s the difference between a chain gang and a corporation?  On a chain gang you get to work outside.”

Organisations are under more pressure than ever to perfo...

November 1, 1998

The first meeting of the new younger manager with much older team members is always the most important. 

A new young manager should set their style of management immediately upon entering the room where the staff waits for their first meeting. 

Upon first meeting greet a...

August 1, 1998

Treat everyone with equal respect and consideration. 

Feel free to greet everyone by name (if you can - remember the sweetest sound in the world is having someone your respect call you by name). 

Be polite, even if you are having a bad day. 

Keep an honest face; be open a...

July 1, 1998

Remember to accept new team members fairly with no stereotyped judgements. 

Show the new member the ropes on joining the company, assist without being patronising. 

Praise good performance and give constructive criticism when appropriate. 

Honestly appraise what they cont...

June 1, 1998

Give full credit to whoever deserves it - and do it in-front of the staff. 

Always use "we" instead of "I" when representing fellow team members. 

Vigorously defend any team member who has been unjustly accused and lobby for another chance for any team player who has bee...

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