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We know people...

Shane Warren & Associates are international leaders in human resource leadership and organisational development for the modern workforce.  Established in 1994 as Waterworth we have grown to be the Asia Pacifics most innovative consultancy in the needs of the new work teams.


A team of experienced human resource specialists who are able to provide innovative solutions in organisational and cultural development, workforce planning, talent acquisition, performance management and employee relations.


We truly understand the difficulty both employers and employees face when trying to balance the challenges of work-life-balance issues while meeting the demands and expectations of customers, boards and investors.

Our motto is we know people because that is true… After many years of facilitating employee assistance and internal welfare programs we have gained powerful insights about how as an organisation you can develop a culture that is happy, healthy and harmonious; while always achieving peak performance, productivity and profit!


If your office is a little stressful right now and you are sick and tired of being sick and tired then drop us a note for an

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