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It started in 1994 as WATERWORTH and has evolved ever since...

The company initially started as a holding entity of a group of health care centre’s including...


The Relaxation, Massage and Natural Health Centre, The Poppet Counselling Centre, Waterworth Medical, Avant-Gardé Training and Activate Executive Fitness. In 1996, these centres merged to become Waterworth House, Australia’s first truly multi-disciplined health care centre.  While our consulting services operated as WPL Consultants.


Due to our teams’ multitude of skills and the emerging market of employee health and welfare strategies…


Shane Warren & Associates (as Waterworth) successfully ventured into providing employee assistance counselling services with allied health prevention and occupational health and safety strategies for small to medium size operations as well as multi-national companies throughout Australia.


In 2000, the company reinvented itself once again...


Choosing to focus our efforts on consulting services exclusively and project managing employee welfare services within an extensive list of clients across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. This move saw the sale and liquidation of the companies’ clinics under the name of Waterworth House.


Like Madonna 2014 witnessed our latest reinvention of self…


Being nice and eventually letting Helen Warren one of our founding directors retire Waterworth became SHANE WARREN & ASSOCIATES.  Today under Shane’s stewardship, we provide a number of exclusive services in the areas of…


Change Management & Employee Welfare Strategies


With more than 15-years experience in the field of human resource leadership and development we have developed a unique ability to help teams go through change while assisting the business leaders to grow the company with little interruption. We like to combine our backgrounds in health and business to help companies grow their operations by providing unique employers of choice staff development programs that work!


Cultural and Organisational Assessments


To really improve a company’s position we must first better understand the company. Who is it? What goals and ambitions does it have? To gain this insight we call upon a number of cultural and psychometric tools to help gain a clear picture of the company and the people within it. 


Executive Coaching


Two out of three of the top 500 companies in the world now provide individual coaching services for their management team. A simple strategy, but a very powerful solution to introduce to your team; coaching has been known to improve a team members productivity, performance and profit by more than 300% in less than eight months – this can be achieved simply by helping individuals to align their personal life purposes with company goals.


Specialised Recruitment


It is our belief that good staff are recruited and great staff are created! To achieve this balance it is imperative to get the right person from the beginning. Our unique approach to recruitment and our extensive resource ability means that we can ensure you are taking this very important step by putting the right foot forward from the beginning!


Training & Development


In a modern world where pressure is on companies and individuals to perform at an ever-increasing level, it is not possible that technology will hold all the answers. True leaders of the 21st century know that an investment into ones human resource potential through leadership and development strategies is as equally important as ones investment into product development and technology advancement. To help in this measure we provide a number of learning and development solutions from tailor made courses to a selection of off-the-shelf programs.





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