Lunchtime Learnings Portfolio

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

[Nelson Mandela]



Lunchtime Learnings are focussed pod discussions around issues we confront in the workspace every day.  Through a process of philosophical enquiry, participants are immersed in the bases of the challenge while expert facilitation guides you through solutions that you can put into place once you return to your workplace. 

We currently offer the following range of seminars...
  • 6 Personalities Found in Every Office:  This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will walk you through six common personalities found in each office and give you tricks on how to engage, motivate and drive each of these personality types.

  • 8 Bullies in Each Workplace: This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will walk you through eight common bullying styles found in every workplace.  The seminar will give secret types on how to manage these behaviours so that they are less destructive. 

  • Ambitious Goal Setting:  We all have dreams that we wish every day to come true; and they can, if we establish a personal goal with a plan to make them come true… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will remind you of the power of SMART goals but take it a step further as we walk you through how to write an ambitious plan so that you can achieve your dreams.

  • Assertiveness Put Simply:  Many of us at times feel powerless to speak our truth, which makes us feel powerless, ineffectual and unable stand up for ourselves… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will walk you through the art of communicating your needs clearly and confidently, in a way that is neither aggressive nor passive.

  • Banishing Time Thieves:  We all have them.  Those little time distractors, the things that get in the way making it a challenge to achieve what we must get done on time every time.  This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will show you how to take control of your time once again, manage distractions and once again feel in control of your schedule.

  • Beating Choice Paralysis: Often we can find ourselves in situations where we are either spoilt by choice or lost in the decision between limited options; either or, both situations can cause us have mind muddle and get frozen in thought… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will give you the tips and tricks so that you too can make good timely decisions in each and every moment of the working day. 

  • Become a Feedback Expert: Giving and receiving feedback can be challenging at the best of times; however, in the workplace it can be fraught with danger… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will teach you the foundation tools needed to be able to give great feedback each and every time.

  • Becoming an Expert Power Base: With all the evidence-based research on what makes good leader and how one develops leadership power, the knowledge can be overwhelming… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will show you how you can use “expert power” as the foundation to your approach to leadership.

  • Building Happy, Healthy and Harmonious Teams: It could be argued that the term “team building” is a little overused, and maybe some of the outcomes are over-promised… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will walk you through the stages of team development and show you what has to happen to help form a harmonious team environment; as well as ways to measure performance levels while people are still happy to be a part of your work environment. 

  • Building Influence: In every organisation we have people who have authority and we have people who have influence… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will explore ways you can increase your level of influence regardless of your position of authority; it will help you identity what personal influence is and how you can call upon different sources of personal power to create positions of influence.

  • Common Themes to Effective Negotiations:  Negotiations do not have to come from a winner-looser approach; but rather from a space where all parties are empowered to contribute to the discussion and all leave feeling as if they have been herd and contributed to the outcome… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will explore the fundamentals of the win-win approach and how to prepare a win-win negotiations strategy so that all parties able to leave satisfied and enthused by the outcome of the discussion.

  • Creative Thinkers Win:  In a world where new challenges present every day as we navigate down roads that have less been travelled, we know that those with the power of creative thinking are able to find the flexibility to overcome challenges and obstacles that present…  This Lunchtime Learning Seminar boost your confidence in your own internal creativity and help you to unlock your creative potential.

  • Deciding as a Group:  The art of decision making is often discussed in the context of an individual mindset; this Lunchtime Learning Seminar will help you understand the process of decision making and what is the best solution approach to take when having to come to a conclusive group decision.

  • Decision Trees – An Introduction: Sometimes there can seem to be an overwhelming amount of information to take into consideration when having to make a decision.  This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will introduce you to the method of Decision Trees and how to use the tool to take into consideration many different facts so that you can feel confident making rational decision-making choices.

  • Driving Virtual Teams:  With global workforces and work from home strategies it is inevitable that at some stage in one’s career you will be responsible for building and leading a team of people who do not sit in the same location… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will explore the challenges of such working dynamics and how you can lead in ways that will improve productivity, effectiveness and performance.

  • Effective Team Briefing Skills:  Giving an effective team briefing helps ensure the team can achieve its goals, this Lunchtime Learning Seminar will look at how to best deliver a team briefing so that everyone knows what they must do by when…

  • Efficient Meeting Management:  This Lunchtime Learning Seminar breaks down the basics so that each and every meeting will be efficient and all items on the agenda are addressed…

  • Essentials for an Effective Presentation:  If you find that you often have to give presentations in your work where you might not be all over the data yet, or fully confident with content but still need to get up and share; then this Lunchtime Learning Seminar is for you… In this seminar we will guide you in through the ‘musts’ of a good presentation and give you insights into how you can better engage your audience.

  • Essentials in Time Management: Do you tend to have more that needs to be done then time permits?  Is your ‘to-do-list’ longer than your day?  If so, this Lunchtime Learning Seminar will help you master your day by exploring the principles of increments of time and how to create realistic to-do-lists so that you can create a schedule that enables you to achieve your high-priority tasks every day.

  • Essentials to a Personal PEST Analysis:  We are all influenced by forces outside of our control that will affect how we can achieve our goals… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will introduce you to the essentials of conducting a Personal PEST Analysis so that you can identify opportunities and risks that may present themselves by external forces of change, and how to develop a plan based on these factors you have identified.

  • Financial Management – The Basics:  We all need to understand money and its role in our job description… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will give a solid basis in financial management 101, by exploring a full range of finance management matters beyond just being able to read a spreadsheet.

  • Foundations in Business Processes: This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will guide you through facts of business processes and how they can benefit you in your daily work life to achieve what must be done in a fast and efficient manner.

  • Foundations in Change Management: Change is an ever constant in our lives so learning to accept and work willing with change is an important part of the new world… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will challenge you to think deeply on what change management is and identify what is involved in heading up a change initiative within your organisation.

  • Foundations in Self-Motivation: To find the strength and drive to get things done we have to muster the inner strength to get going to achieve… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will guide you through the three key elements of self-motivation so that you can kick-start yourself into action on any task.

  • Foundations in Written Communication:  The art of writing has evolved over the years and the role of electronic communication has changed written communication in many ways…  This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will teach you how to construct and effective written message using a variety of communication tools.

  • Fundamentals of Mentoring Skills:  Being invited to be a mentor of another in one’s workspace can be a privilege; however, to for the relationship to an advantage to both parties it is good to have a mentoring plan… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will give you an opportunity to reflect on what mentoring is, the role of mentors in the workplace and your own career, as well as how to develop a mentor plan when you are asked to play such a role in others career development.

  • Goal Setting for Team Members:  Setting goals for others can be a challenge as it requires more than just a team leader dictating to the team member what they have to do… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will guide you in ways you can help your team improve their performance by setting effective goals with them that will motivate and inspire them to achieve greater outcomes.

  • Grow Individual Confidence:  Self-confidence is a challenging thing to master, yet it seems to be the thing great achievers appear to have in common… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will help you to uncover your inner talent and how to use these talents ways that help you develop a greater sense of individual confidence.

  • How to Prioritize:  Team leaders tell their team every day to prioritize the tasks so that they are able to get the job done.  But without clear priorities how do you prioritize?  Going beyond to-do lists, although we explore this strategy, this Lunchtime Learning Seminar will look at the essentials of prioritization so that you can identify the activities that have the biggest impact, helping you to prioritize your workload effectively.

  • HR & Its Role:  The human resources team are an imperative part of any organisation, but often can be the ‘fall guy’ when things are not as planned… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will walk you through the role of the DR department and how it fits into an organisation to benefit the various roles and levels of companies.

  • Impact Analysis 101: The chaos theory teaches us that one small change in a link or system can create challenges that are greater in other parts of the chain.  So today when companies are made up of interconnected departments, resources, processes and people then we know when something changes in one area it has an impact on the whole company… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will teach you how to conduct an Impact Analysis so that you can prepare for possible impacts of change.

  • Individual Empowerment Within Effective Teams:  Modern businesses need to be able to rely on the knowledge, skills and creativity of their team members to freely achieve the tasks of their job; but sometimes too much freedom can create environments of chaos… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will teach you how to empower individual team members with effective delegation build team cohesion and improve workplace performance.

  • Insights into Learning Styles:  Although learning may come naturally for most, we tend to forget that teaching others is not so instinctive; this Lunchtime Learning Seminar will give your insight into your own and others different learning styles so that you can be a better trainer / coach / facilitator by tapping into participants natural learning style quickly.

  • IT Management – The Basics:  We are all guilty of getting mad at the IT team for the ‘stupid’ system they have put in place, but have you ever stopped to think about the role of IT management in how you achieve your tasks daily?  This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will explore the fundamentals of the IT department and what goes on typically within their tasks and roles so that you can ask more accurate questions and have a better understanding how the networks intertwine and always seem to work out in the end.

  • Leading Change at Work:  Change is a big reality of the modern workplace; this Lunchtime Learning Seminar looks at how we best manage change and the fears that can slow progress down…

  • Managing Conflict in the Workplace:  Whenever we bring groups of people together with competing needs and perspectives then conflict is almost inevitable; which is good… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar works from the principle that conflict can be constructive when managed well.  During this seminar you will learn how to manage conflict effectively in different situations by taking an integrative approach.

  • Managing Difficult People – how to respond to the 8 common difficult personality types: They are in every workspace and common in each customer, this Lunchtime Learning Seminar will help you better understand eight common difficult personalities and how they can push your buttons to respond maybe in not such a good way…

  • Managing Emotional Resistance:  We confront it daily in our lives – people’s emotional blocks to accept what we must say.  This Lunchtime Learning Seminar looks at how people receive information and how such resistance stimulates our emotional resistance, it will guide you in ways to ensure you do not get trapped in non-communicative dialogue of adverse emotion…

  • Managing Stakeholders: Stakeholders are an important part of any business, so learning how to manage them and their expectations is a core component to successful leadership in a modern world… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will guide you in identifying various stakeholders and understand what stakeholder management is all about.

  • Managing Upwards: Sometimes to be a good team player we need to able to help our bosses manage what is happening within their time demands as well as what expectations they have on us… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will teach you techniques and strategies so that you will be able to work successfully with your boss so that you both can achieve constructive outcomes in the busy working day.

  • Marketing Essentials: Marketing is an imperative part of having a successful brand, and although we tend to leave the marketing of the company to the marketing department it is often beneficial to understand our colleagues motiving desires when entering into discussion with them around sales and marketing strategies of your product or service… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will teach you the basic principles of marketing to that you can better understand its value in the business strategy, as well as show you how you might put together a ‘marketing mud-map’ for a product, service or idea you are developing.

  • Master Networker:  The modern business world tends to rely on the networks we build around us, but for many networking skills do not come naturally… This Lunchtime Learning Strategy will teach you the skills to not only build but also maintain your networks as your career expands and grows.

  • Mastering Problem Solving:  Why is it that problems tend to be easy to see, yet solutions are a struggle to find?  This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will teach you to explore problems so that solutions present themselves, and guide us not to always jump on board the first solution we see; but rather be brave and dive into the complex mix of solutions that are present when we learn to look creatively at the problem.

  • Mastering Productivity Flow: With so much change and high priority tasks taking up more and more of our time each week we can easily loose site of the task at hand… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will teach you how to become a master of your productivity flow by utilising a positive mindset to enhance productive outcomes and to stay focused on the task at hand.

  • Mastering Your Interpersonal Connections:  Forming relationships can be difficult if we are uncertain of our own special uniqueness… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar explores our own inner voice and how it affects the way we portray ourselves so that we can have stronger and more successful connections with the people we interact with daily.

  • Meeting Skills Basics:  For meetings to work they should be focussed and productive… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will give you tips on how to value add to meetings and introduce you to a step-by-step guide into running effective meetings.

  • Overcoming Decision Making Mistakes:  In a busy day it is easy to overlook the little things that can grow into big challenges; just like we can find ourselves in moments where we feel we are making ‘bad’ decisions all the time… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will introduce you to common decision-making mistakes and how to avoid them so that you can feel confident to make the ‘right’ decision most of the time.

  • Overcoming Procrastination:  Procrastination can be one of the biggest arresters to a successful career; and tends to be a common challenge we all tend to experience… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will teach you tips and tricks to get out of the procrastination habit and ‘pull your socks up’ to get the job done.

  • Planning Tiny Projects:  Here’s a thing, not every project we are doing in the workplace is a big project requiring large project management teams with implementation strategies and tricky software telling us what to do next… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will explore a set of simple planning tools that will help you deliver on small projects in a timely manner.

  • Powerful Presentations:  Taking the basics of presentation skills one step further, this Lunchtime Learning Seminar will how to be a great presenter by showing you how to read your audience, prepare a presentation for your audience and how to deliver presentations in the most efficient and effective way possible.

  • Project Management – The Basics:  Projects are what the modern the economy is made up of, and in one project lays many other minor projects… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will introduce you to the strategies of project management and explore it helps you achieve the goals of your organisation; throughout the seminar we will look at the four phases of a project, decisions project managers have to make and the skills required to navigate through the phases of a project.

  • Reading Leadership Styles:  Different leaders lead in different ways and it can be challenging not to make judgement around whose style is better than who’s; but this can be counter-productive to getting things done… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will walk you through the five common leadership styles, help you identify your instinctive leadership style and how this may be challenged by (or challenge) others approach to leadership.

  • Reading Whiz:  Reading through pages and pages of documents is a common part of any role in a workspace these days; and with so much time dedicated to reading how does one get any other task completed?  This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will look at some short-cut ways that individuals can read through large pages of information, without missing key components.  Throughout the seminar we will detail the skills of speed reading as well as other reading strategies to help you read quickly through information while retaining important information.

  • Recruitment Skills 101:  As we grow in our careers, we often transition from being the recruited party to be the recruiter, but there is more to recruiting members of a team then running a job advertisement… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will explore the benefits of effective recruitment and introduce you to some strategies that will help you attract great candidates to your organisation.

  • Remembering Stuff:  It is true we seem to have more and more to remember as life gets busier and busier – so how then do we remember it all?  This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will explore the principle of mnemonics closely so that you can become a master of remembering useful stuff!

  • Responding to Difficult Customers:  Difficult customers are everywhere; this Lunchtime Learning Seminar explores the golden rules of communication and how they can help us better manage the disappointments and unhappiness of such customers…

  • Selling Ideas:  Selling your ideas is a crucial part of the modern workforce; this Lunchtime Learning Seminar will guide you in ways to show people how your idea has value for them in a way that is clear, respectful and dignified.

  • Strategic Planning Strategy Essentials:  We know to achieve one needs to have a plan, but to achieve significant things it is best to have a strategic plan to advance your business… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will explore a number of essentials tools to help you make strategic business decisions as you move forward in your career.

  • Stress Success:  Stress is a daily experience for all of us, and some stress is really good as it drives us forward, but large amounts of stress runs the risk of arresting us from achieving and even has major health concerns… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will explore the role stress has in our lives and teach you ways to manage your stress so that is an asset to your success rather than a hinderance in your daily experience.

  • Talent Management Essentials:  Managing one’s workforce to its best potential can often be the difference between an achieving company and a superstar in the global economy… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar looks at different ways to identify, development and retain talent as one of an organisation’s ultimate survival strategies in the modern economy. 


  • Team Motivation Strategies:  Motivating groups of people towards a common goal can be a challenge, but the good thing is we know that humans are pre-wired to be motivated… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will explore the theories behind motivation and how you can create a rich motivational environment for diverse teams.

  • The Art of Assertiveness:  Assertiveness is one of those age-old tricks of good management; but what is assertiveness in the modern world?  This Lunchtime Learning Seminar looks at how assertiveness has evolved in modern workplaces and how we as managers can be affective assertive leaders…

  • The Best Project Evaluation Formula:  Making a decision to run with a project or to assess if the project was a success can be confronting… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will teach you three foundation tools to help you better forecast the benefits of any project.

  • The Careful Art of Delegation: Entrusting your tasks to others can be confronting at first, but often to achieve all that we must do in an average working week means we must pass on tasks and responsibilities to other team members… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will give you the confidence to let go so that you can focus on high-priority tasks, which will empower your team members to shine and grow.

  • Time Management Audit – An Introduction:  We all have time demand pressures and often it is hard to identify what needs to be done when… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will introduce you to the tool of Time Management Auditing so that you can create systems to manage the time drains of your working week.

  • Understanding Operations Management:  Operational needs influence all departments and hence decision outcomes of an organisation; but what in effect is an operational management strategy?  This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will explore operations management roles and introduce you to how it supports the growth and development of an organization as a whole.

  • Understanding Team Roles: Teams are a given in almost any organisation, but what is there role and what is your role within the team?  This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will explore team dynamics and how you as an individual can work together more effectively to achieve common purpose.

  • Unique Value Position:  We all have something about us that makes us unique.  What is yours? How do you use it in your work life?  This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will help you define your Unique Value Position and how that can benefit the current workplace market.

  • Win Support for Your Project:  In many organisations there can be competing forces at play to win support, resources, time or focus for a project… This Lunchtime Learning Seminar will explore various strategies on how to win the support of different stakeholders in the projects you are managing.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The content of our seminars is provided in good faith and by no means is guaranteed by Shane Warren & Associates Pty Ltd, nor its Directorship, nor its Consultants and Agents. The outcomes of the training and the use of any assessment tools or practical resources are individual and by no means can be interpreted as personal business nor financial advice. The Directorship of Shane Warren & Associates Pty Ltd encourages you to seek professional advice before purchasing any products based on the outcomes of these self-assessment tool.