Workshop that Work

With more than 25-years experience as consultants in the field of human resource leadership and development, we have developed a series of training programs that can be easily adapted to suit your organisations needs. Please refer to the following sample list for programs we can run for you at a moments notice or use as a base to build on for your companies benefit...


People often email about our pricing policy - typically we work with budgets, training is priced on a per day or per event basis with maximum numbers of participants specified by us.

Building a High Performing Team

2-day program.

This two day workshop marries theoretical concepts with practical exercises to strengthen your team.  The program is flexible and can be designed to enhance specific characteristics already present within the team, while growing other assets desired.  A solid program for teams that are ‘nice’ and relate well with one another but are not really performing on the whole; also this program will benefit greatly teams that need a ‘shake-up’.

Conflict Management Techniques

1-day program.

Working from a perspective that conflict is good because it shows commitment to a concept.  However, it is only constructive when managed well.  This full day intensive explores the dynamics of conflict and how strong leaders can work with this passion to enhance the dynamic of a team.

Customer Service Essentials

1-day program.

This one day program works from an experiential learning strategy to guide participants to understanding three essential customer service values:  (i) what factors do customers consider when choosing to do business with you; (ii) why do customers buy more then once from you; and (iii) why do customers leave you, and take their business elsewhere?

Dealing With Difficult People

1-day program.

Empowerment Managing

1-day program.

Foundations in People Skills

1-day program.

This full day intensive program explores common difficult behaviours, but also looks closely at how when we confront such behaviour to will trigger for us patterns of behaviour that we may express that does not so much help the situation.  Coming from this perspective participants will learn how to identify difficult behaviours, how to manage those behaviours and how to self-regulate so that they do not become a difficult person themselves.

This one day workshop shows managers how they can be empowering resources for the others in their teams.  It explores what empowerment is all about and how by empowering our colleagues we can achieve solid growth for the company.

This one day workshop explores the power of the Golden Rules of Communication while helping participants to identify with the twelve most common communication barriers so that participants can become masters of the rules of the crucial conversations path.  Through a process of action learning and dialogue participants will learn to overcome within themselves (and when presented by others) defensiveness, aggressiveness and/or dependency.

Internal Peer Coaching

2-day program.

Interpersonal Foundations

1-day program.

Introducing a Coaching Culture

0.5-day roundtable program.

This two day workshop is for selected ‘leaders’ within your organisation.  It is a program that explores the benefits of a coaching within an organisation and helps leaders better understand the difference between ‘management langusge’ versus ‘coaching language’ – upon completion of the program participants will have a coaching framework to build upon when working as a Peer Coach within the company.

This one day workshop explores the foundations stones to establishing meaningful interpersonal relationships.  It guides participants through understanding of different behaviours, the art of listening and powers of effective communication.  If you have a team that is just not communicating with one another this workshop is a solid starting point.

This half-day workshop that explores the benefits of a workplace coaching dynamic is a must for any organisation wanting to introduce coaching practices amongst their teams.  The program works well as a round-table-discussion for management and team leaders to gain an insightful understanding of ways in which coaching will enhance the organisation.

Knowledge Management – An Introduction To...

3-hour roundtable program.

This 3-hour roundtable discussion explores the importance of Knowledge Management by exploring four essential frameworks while developing a knowledge management policy or strategy: (i) how to capture the most valuable information and knowledge; (ii) validating to ensure relevance and accuracy; (iii) assessing what is needed when it is needed; and (iv) the art of scaling as we have to manage ever increasing volumes of information.

Leadership Dynamics

2-day experiential learning program.

This two-day program walks participants through the theories, practices and dimensions of leadership in a modern world.  Calling upon a variety of theories from the old to the new this intensive retrospective learning model will take a potential leader from being a good person to an inspiring team driver.

Managing Emotional Resistance

1-day workshop intensive program.

This is a one day intensive workshop built around the IRIS 8-strengths for emotional resilience and how they can benefit individuals to better manage emotional resistance from both internal and external customers.  This program is a highly effective asset to the training of sales teams and frontline staff in high customer service environments.

Mastering Cultural Diversity

3-day residential program.

This three day residential program is for senior leaders in an organisation and explores diversity within our culture in a very intensive way.  The program builds on the principle that we all have personal factors that make us cultural unique from others and then guides participants with methods to identity individual unique culture within team members and ways to respect difference while enhancing corporate goals (and company culture).

Mentoring Foundations

1-day workshop intensive program.

This one day program explores the fundamental to being a good mentor in ones work.  It will demonstrate the differences between management conversations, leadership conversations and mentoring conversations; while giving participants some tools to use as a good mentor.  This is an essential workshop for any organisation focussed on being a learning culture nurturing talent and leadership from within.

Negotiation Skills

1-day workshop program.

This is a one day workshop that explores how individuals negotiate and how we can achieve a lot more once we move away from fear and control models and operate from a listening and discussion focus.  If your organisation is going through a time of restructure or if your sales process requires lots of discussion then this workshop will help your team succeed in amazing ways.

Performance Management – How To...

1-day workshop program.

This one day workshop is a solid introduction for new team leaders how to manage, motivate and inspire performance within their teams.

Preparing for Change

0.5-day workshop program.

Change in any environment can be confronted with resistance and challenges – which in turn can stimulate feelings of fear, resentment and anxiety.  This half-day workshop is about preparing team members for change and what might go on inside them during this process.  We believe this is an essential foundation program for any company wishing to embark on a change management strategy.

Project Management – An Introduction...

1-day workshop program.

This one day program will give any team member a better insight into all that happens to make a project work while teaching them skills to be better project managers.  This is a great workshop to help bring new project teams together as we walk through – definition – strategy – planning -  execution (and control) – of a project.

Recruitment & Selection

3-hour roundtable program.

Resilience Fundamentals

2-day workshop program.

Resilient Leadership

3-day residential program.

This three hour roundtable discussion explores the concept of the ‘ideal’ candidate as we build on job descriptions and advertisements for new recruits.  The program is designed to help members of a team concrete their thinking of who would be the “perfect” person to fulfil a future role within the organisation.

Conducted under licence from the International Resilience Institute Sydney this is a two day retrospective workshop focusing on the IRIS 8-strengths for emotional resilience.  Participants learning outcomes are very individual as your personal learning outcomes are guided by two private psychometric assessments undertaken before the course commences.

Conducted under licence from the International Resilience Institute Sydney this is a three day residential program for leaders exploring the IRIS 8-strengths of emotional resilience through a theoretical enquiry model of learning.  The program will also teach participants how to be resilient coach leaders within their teams.

Resilient Mastery

3-day residential program.

Resilient Roundtable

3-hour roundtable program.

Conducted under licences from the International Resilience Institute Sydney this is a three day residential intensive program building on the IRIS 8-strengths through philosophical enquiry model around the American Psychological Associations 10-pillars to emotional resilience.

A 3-hour seminar introducing participants to the science and benefits (in a business context) of emotional resilience.

Sales & Marketing Self-Psychology

1-day workshop program.

This one day program works with new individuals to the roles of sales as it is designed to help a person better understand what sales and marketing is all about while aligning their personality and skills to the various qualities of a successful sales process.

Team Enrichment

0.5-day roundtable program.

Time Management Essentials

0.5-day workshop program.

Woking with Global Teams

1-day intensive workshop program.

This half-day roundtable workshop explores the effectiveness of teams and how you can move to developing powerful teams within your organisation.  The program is ideally suited for leaders in a company wanting to review their strategies to grow the strengths of their teams.

Time is one of those things that if not managed well will escape away from you.  This 3-hour workshop explores how we waste time and moves into how we can better manage our time so that we can achieve more with it.  A great solution if you find you have members of your team often not getting the job done within allotted timeframes.

This one day workshop designed to help your team members better understand their cultural identity and how that influences their interactions with others!  The program is unique in that it addresses culture beyond that of ethnicity and explores individual cultural makeup through the influences of ones ethnic base, age, gender, sexuality, religious ethos, socio-economic position, education, personal belief structures and more.  The process of defining culture is a strong discussion within this workshop and tends to open the eyes of participants to better recognise how they instinctively judge within these boundaries; and more so how they limit their own performance within the limitations of self-judgement.