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Workshops That Work


In a modern world where pressure is on companies and individuals to perform at an ever-increasing level, it is not possible that technology will hold all the answers. True leaders of the 21st century know that an investment into ones human resource potential through leadership and development strategies is as equally important as ones investment into product development and technology advancement.


Shane Warren & Associates provides learning and development solutions in a variety of ways ranging from face-to-face to e-learning models to indvidual coaching with...


Tailor Made Programs. 


We are strong advocate that all companies have their own unique culture and hence have their own special training needs; this is why we provide a specialised service where our team will work closely with your human resources' department, to access your organisations needs and then develop a learning and development solution in response to our investigative findings.


Coaching Solutions.


Two out of three of the top 500 companies in the world now provide individual coaching services for their management team. A simple strategy, but a very powerful solution to introduce to your team; coaching has been known to improve a team members productivity, performance and profit by more then 300% in less then eight months – this is achieved simply by helping individuals to align their personal life purposes with company goals!


Off-the-Shelf Programs.


With more then 21-years experience as a consultants in the field of human resource leadership and development we have developed a series of training programs that can be easily adapted to suit your organisations needs. Please refer to the following pages for more details...  




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