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Reflective Practice Supervision

Would you like to…


  • Increase your team’s mental flexibility?

  • Grow individual adaptability?

  • Increase a shared psychological mindedness amongst the entire team?

  • Break habits of insular decision-making?

  • Break down feelings of loneliness and isolation amongst the team?

  • Grow your team’s ability to work with complexity, uncertainty, professional boundaries, and self-capacity?


If any improvement in any of these factors is something you are looking for then let’s talk about SWAA’s team of consultants developing a reflective Practices Supervision model within your organization today!


What are Reflective Practice Supervision groups?


Typically facilitated monthly for a period of up to 90-minutes (subject to engagement and levels of discussion) Reflective Practice groups work from a positive psychology influence and follow philosophical inquiry methodology to encourage open discussion and real-time reflection of what is happening in the world of life and work at the time. 

In short, it is a window of time regularly for your team to collectively reflect on areas that need improvement as we walk through information, inspiration, and implementation model of awareness to take the head, the heart, and the hand action to being a better person as well as a more effective team player.


Common Topics Explored:


Our depth of knowledge and vast so our subject areas are flexible, however, the following list of topics are common fields of interest amongst our client group…

Now a text list, as we know sometimes images don't load all the time...

  1. Behaviour Activation to Overcome Depression: Let’s walk through how getting out there changes the way our brain functions!

  2. Brian Sneeze: The inner power to overcome stress

  3. Compassion Fatigue, Burn Out, Vicarious Trauma: An exploration of the differences and signs

  4. Developing a Grit Mindset in Uncertain Times: A look at maintaining resilience in crazy times

  5. Finding Meaning: a way of living a valued life

  6. Finding My Chutzpah: Innate motivation when you're just so damn tired

  7. Get Me Some Grit: Finding resilience in unfamiliar times

  8. Janus Reflection: An end of year retrospective look

  9. Knowing My Why: A window of time in review

  10. Managing Stress to Prevent Burnout: An exploration of mental fitness strategies and exercises to better manage stress so you do not burn out!

  11. Mastering Ones Emotional Intelligence: An exploration of mental fitness strategies and exercises to grow your EI factors!

  12. Mindfulness: What is it? How does it work? Help me get it?

  13. Motivation Mindset: Embracing goals and achievements to be a master of your life

  14. Positive Communication: Embracing the power of words and ways

  15. Positive Mindset: Tricks to embody the teachings of positive psychology

  16. Practicing Self Compassion: A series of exercises to be better to yourself

  17. Resilience & Coping: Exercises that differentiate, but empower the wonderment of both

  18. Self-Compassion: A proven way to accept yourself and build inner strength and thrive

  19. Strengths Finding: A pathway to accepting oneself

  20. The Power of Appreciation: Exploring the mental wealth of gratitude

  21. Values Droplet: Finding a synergetic link

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