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Mining Sector

support services.

The FIFO lifestyle has its benefits but is also a very challenging way to live.  Added to this the mining sector tends to have very challenging work environments…


Shane Warren & Associates has worked with a number of mining companies over the years and continues to provide various models of support for the sector.


Work we do within the industry is wide ranging and includes, but is not limited to:

Employee Assistance Programs or EAP’s:  Working with a network of licenced health care practitioners across Australia we provide both online support and face-to-face referral counselling across the Asia Pacific Network.  Providing a uniquely targeted method of support through our use of the NeuroAssess platform we are able to develop ongoing mental health monitoring of staff both onsite or offsite if required.


Executive Coaching: Leaders in the mining sector confront unique challenges; we have found in the past by working with an Executive Coach these same leaders benefit from a fresh perspective on both professional and personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills by having an independent mind to bounce thoughts off, improved interpersonal effectiveness and increased confidence.  The list does not stop here but we do not want to bore you as we show-off our quality work…


Cultural Awareness Mentorship:  The reality of the global mining sector is that it is a very diverse community with people from different cultural backgrounds, a growing age difference and more so in many years growing gender diversity.  Shane Warren & Associates provides a unique model of coaching for leaders that address cultural difference ranging from new recruits relocating to another country to executives finding it difficult to understand the ways of diverse workforces.


Life Transition Coaching:  As we know the mining sector can be tough on employees, and their families, it is with this in mind that Shane Warren & Associates have created a specific life coaching model to assist mine workers (and their families) as they transition from a FIFO mining lifestyle into a new career path.


Resilience Training:  Shane Warren & Associates believe that emotional resilience coaching is an integral part of supporting FIFO workers.  It is with this in mind that we have proudly partnered with the International Resilience Institute Sydney to provide resilience training models for workers within the sector.


Wellness Support:  This service ranges broadly subject to each mine’s needs.  It can include Pre-employment Medicals or specifically the Mine Workers Health Surveillance (MWHS), standard vaccinations relevant to the geographical location of the mine; injury prevention training, or more broadly fitness and health programs.  Such programs serve the mining community in many ways including physical health matters but also with boredom management and aggression development.



Why do people consult with us?  We tend to find people reach out to Shane Warren & Associates once they’ve tried a few things, but have not really seen the results.  It is then that we like to come on in, explore what you desire and then help to make that happen…


If you are unsure what you need, know something has to happen to improve the work experience for your team but just don’t know what – then drop us a line for an obligation free chat to see if we can help come up with some solutions…


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