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Global Leadership Dialogue

"A leader is a dealer in hope"

[Napoleon Bonaparte]




The Global Leadership Dialogue is a facilitated day of discussion focussed on relevant topics that affect the modern workspace.  Shane Warren, Kait Luker and Laurence Catzel are excited to team up with the Global Leadership Community to bring this successful model of dialogue to Australia and New Zealand discussing all things to do with human resource leadership and organisational development.  So save the dates to be a part of an amazing series of discussions…

What is the Global Leadership Community?

The Global Leadership Community is a leadership learning laboratory initiated by Global Leadership Partners Asia. We are a dynamic self-organizing community dedicated to exploring distributed leadership and methodologies of collaboration in service of an evolved society. Our mission it to create and nurture a diverse community of purpose-driven self-aware leaders to think together and create holistic solutions.


Expect to experience nothing like any other leadership gathering.  Working from a World Café approach the day is a day of dialogue.  You will be encouraged to share your wisdom, listen to others insights, challenge one another and grow as a leader.  We believe…


“Knowledge tells us that tomato is a fruit but it is wisdom that tells us not to add it to the fruit salad!”

Forum Days

What is it?

Forum Days combine two methodologies of World Café and Philosophical Enquiry… it is a day where we celebrate the thought leaders amongst us as we focus our discussion on a shared topic of interest.


How does it play out?


The following agenda is how the day will pan out – with all the discussion input being gathered to produce a white paper for further advancing the discussions of the day.

9:00 - Registration


9:30 - Introduction


10:00 - Theme presentation by guest facilitator


11:00 - Morning Tea

11:30 - Pod discussions within World Café Method


1:00 - Lunch


2:00 - Larger group presentation of pod outcomes working within a Philosophical Enquiry Model (which kind of means in the presentation one needs to answer a question, by presenting a theoretical perspective)


3:00 - Afternoon Tea

3:30 - Summary and reflection of the day where we shall introduce the white paper outline


4:00 - Drinks at the bar

What is the investment?

To experience this day of discussion and to contribute to an advancing think tank around Global Leadership issues you will be invited to make an investment of $365 for the full day which includes refreshments and lunch!


Save the dates and join us in the groundbreaking approach to exploring the issues that both excite and confront business and leadership in the modern economy!

Journal Club

What is it?

Our Journal Club is an online forum where a group of interested individuals comes together to discuss, critically evaluate, and share wisdom insights around a journal article or white paper shared prior to the connection.

How does it play out?


Prior to the club meeting, you will receive a journal article or white paper around the theme of the discussion.  We aim to give you at least 5-days to read and digest the article, but registrations stay open to 24 hours before we meet so you will receive the stimulus papers as soon as possible but not too long beforehand so you do not forget to read it…


When online the facilitator will share a brief presentation that reminds us all of the content of the article.  After this those present are encouraged to openly dialogue on their insights.  The facilitator will also call upon some thought bubbles within the boundaries of the following questions:


  1. No filter, in essence, how do you feel about the content and what the author has presented?

  2. In one word, what do you think?

  3. Taking into consideration today's discussion and the wisdom you brought online, what patterns can you see developing in your industry sector or in the business community in general?

  4. What does this idea or thought make possible?

  5. Knowing what you know now, what would be better in your world if you introduce some of these ideas or theories?


NOTE: Numbers are deliberately kept small for the online discussion so that participants can feel ‘safe’ to share their thoughts and challenges within the information presented.

What is the investment?

The investment is your time, this is a complimentary service of Shane Warren & Associates as we commit to developing thought leaders across the globe.

Save the dates and join us in the groundbreaking approach to exploring the issues that both excite and confront business and leadership in the modern economy!

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