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Samples of our work.


Sometimes asking us what we do is like asking how long is a piece of string; because we have been providing human resource leadership and organisational development solutions that work since 1994 - our solutions work because:  We know people!


Shane Warren does not beleive that one size fits all in life - we know that each office is unique and requires its own approach tailored from our range of services. If you are interested in having a confidential chat about how we can improve your teams productivity, performance and profit then contact us now.  All our services start with an open-ended honest conversation over coffee... To help you better understand what services we provide let us share with you some client stories.

Shane Warren & Associates with professional services
Financial Services Advisory Firm

When we first engaged with this highly successful insurance advisory team, they were among the largest life insurance brokerages in Australia. However, facing legislative changes and other challenges, the firm grappled with significant retention issues. Complicating matters, over 97% of their team came from non-English speaking backgrounds.

We embarked on a three-year partnership, initially crafting high-quality training programs to meet new legislative standards and providing English classes. Over time, our role expanded to Employee Welfare Provision, encompassing stress management, motivation, leadership solutions, and an employee assistance program.

The company's Directors openly commend the impact of Shane Warren & Associates, recognizing our role in enhancing their team's well-being and contributing to the growth of their business.

Shane Waarren & Associates works with hospitality and retail providers
Hospitality Labour Hire Firm

When this firm approached us, they were grappling with a pressing issue – a communicable health infection spreading among their workforce. Upon thorough investigation, Shane Warren & Associates identified knowledge gaps related to illness and cross-infection as a significant part of the problem.

Our solution was clear: We designed a series of orientation training programs to raise team members' awareness of how illnesses are transmitted and ways to prevent infection.


Additionally, we implemented a range of illness prevention strategies, including voluntary vaccination programs (including a homeopathic option for those averse to injections) and introduced health and fitness programs for the entire team.


Shane Warren & Associates works with retailers
Major Clothing Retailer

When this company approached us, they were manufacturing clothes in China and operating their branded retail stores across multiple Asian markets. They faced two significant challenges: (i) recruiting top-tier talent and (ii) retaining skilled employees after training.

Shane Warren & Associates embarked on a transformative journey to reshape the company's culture. We transitioned it from a 'work-and-leave' environment to one where employees could build lifelong careers. Over a span of two years, we implemented a range of strategic initiatives to achieve this transformation.

Shane Warren & Assoicates works with truckers, miners, and the lot
International Logistics Operation

Operating in two key hubs, Singapore and Hong Kong, and with a global transportation network, this company operates on a worldwide scale, boasting a culturally diverse team. When they approached us, the company's Directors were grappling with significant challenges, including cultural clashes and severe cross-team disrespect.

Shane Warren & Associates offered a comprehensive solution: We crafted a series of cross-cultural coaching programs and facilitated experiential initiatives to foster mutual understanding among team members.

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