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Samples of our work.


Sometimes asking us what we do is like asking how long is a piece of string; because we have been providing human resource leadership and organisational development solutions that work since 1994 - our solutions work because:  We know people!


Shane Warren does not beleive that one size fits all in life - we know that each office is unique and requires its own approach tailored from our range of services. If you are interested in having a confidential chat about how we can improve your teams productivity, performance and profit then contact us now.  All our services start with an open-ended honest conversation over coffee... To help you better understand what services we provide let us share with you some client stories.

Financial Services Advisory Firm

At the time of approaching this firm was a very successful insurance advisory team (in fact one of the largest life insurance brokerages in Australia) - with changes in legislation and other challenges the Directors of this firm faced major retention issues. Another great challenge for this company was that over 97% of its team came from non-English speaking backgrounds. Initially we worked with the firm on a three-year contract developing quality-training programs to meet new legislation standards; plus English classes. We have since moved into a relationship of Employee Welfare Providing - facilitating a series of stress management programs, motivation and leadership solutions, and an employee assistance program. The Directors of this company openly compliment the work of Shane Warren & Associates; and acknowledge we have helped to grow their business by improving their team’s wellbeing.            

Major Clothing Retailer

At the time of approaching us this company was producing clothes in China and retailing through their own branded retail stores throughout China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia. The company confronted two big problems (i) recruiting quality staff; and (ii) retaining good staff once they had trained them up. Shane Warren & Associates solution was to help change much of the culture within the organisation - shifting it from a 'workhorse, learn and go' environment to a place one could establish' a career for life'. We utilised a number different strategies to achieve this over a period of two-years.

Hospitality Labour Hire Firm

At the time of approaching us this firm was confronting a challenge of communicable health infection amongst its workforce. After investigating the matter further it become evident to the team at Shane Warren & Associates that much of the problem was found in knowledge gaps of illness and cross infection. The solution was to develop a series of orientation training programs raising team members awareness of how certain illnesses are transmitted and how to prevent infection. We also went on to develop a number of illness prevention strategies ranging from vaccination programs for all staff willing to opt in (we even developed a homeopathic vaccination strategy for team members' not so keen on injections); as well we introduced some health and fitness programs for the team.



International Logistics Operation

With two major places of operation - Singapore and Hong Kong - plus transport arrangements in most countries around the globe, this company worked on a worldwide scale with a very culturally diverse team. At the time of approaching us the company Directors had major issues associated with cultural clashes - the truth serious cross-team disrespect... The solution introduced by Shane Warren & Associates was to develop a serious of cross-cultural coaching programs and to faciliate a number of experiential programs to help team members better understand one another.

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