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Welfare Checks by SWAA

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Shane Warren & Associates is excited to partner with NueroBalance Australasia to bring you a process that means you can now snapshot check the wellbeing of every team member as part of your mental wealth strategy of the team.


Why do this?


More and more research supports’ undisputable evidence that a happier and healthier workforce perform better, swiftly achieve greater outcomes, demonstrate resilience and are more easily able to adapt to uncertain times.  


So, if you want to:


  • Support a culture of mental wellbeing;

  • Reduce the risks of health problems;

  • Improve productivity;

  • Decrease unexplained absenteeism;

  • Improve retention;

  • Build a stronger morale; and

  • Minimise health care costs to your company.


Then we have method that will help you achieve this!

How does it work?


We have worked to make this as easy for our corporate clients as possible.  Combining four internationally respected psychometric profiling tools, we shoot your employees an invitation to complete the questionnaire online.


The investment of time for each team member averages no more than 15-minutes.  The first time the assessment tool is completed is more lengthy than future assessments, the reason for this is to help our assessment team to better understand what might be going on for the team member – we say it is like going to a doctor for the first time and you need to complete an intake process. 


How often, is asked with such strategies all the time.  We encourage that you take a wellbeing snapshot at least quarterly; however, some of our clients chose to do it monthly based on the exposure to stress their team members confront. Other companies choose to follow the strategy twice yearly or just annually.


What happens next?


Shane Warren & Associates with NeuroBalance have a team of trained mental health professionals who review the assessment outcomes from the completed questionnaire.  We then apply a traffic lights approach:

Traffic LIghts.png
Traffic Lights Table 2.jpg

The above model is designed to help ensure that all levels of your team are supported to assist an employee in times of need.


Some legal notes…


As part of the initial completion of the assessment tool, your team members will be taken through an upfront agreement that details their informed consent for our trained mental health practitioners to take action to support them in times of distress.  In short this means they give us permission to contact the nominated parties within your company so that an EAP referral can be made and / or a personal care plan can be established.


Also, the informed consent document gives permission for the data to be stored securely on the NeuroBalance server, under strict privacy and confidentiality policies.


Some practicals…


Upon agreeing to use the Welfare Check by SWAA in your organisation we will provide training with nominated team leaders to help ensure that they are best able to:

  1. introduce the tool to the team, and

  2. in a strong position to respond should one of our team contact them advising of the need to refer a staff member to the Employee Assistance Provider or to develop a Personal Care Plan.

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