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The new era of positive psychology | Martin Seligman

Martin Seligman talks about psychology -- as a field of study and as it works one-on-one with each patient and each practitioner. As it moves beyond a focus on disease, what can modern psychology help us to become?


Working from a scientifically-rooted approach Positive Psychology Leadership with Shane Warren & Associates will enable your leaders to increase their sense of well-being, enhance and apply strengths that will improve performance and achieve personal and organizational goals. 


Our goal is to change attitudes and practices, while also enhancing the well-developed skills and behaviours, of the executives with whom we work so that they will lead, inspire, motivate and enthuse all members of the team to ensure the growth of the companies strategic and operational vision...


What makes Executive Extension with Shane Warren & Associates different?


Our model of coaching is based on findings from research on goal commitment strategies, motivation, growth mindset theory, and goal revision strategies.   Designed to help participants shift their mindset and grow in new ways as a leader this strategy merges both thinking strategies and communication approaches...


What is positive psychology?


Positive psychology the scientific study of positive human functioning and flourishing on multiple levels that include the biological, personal, relational, institutional, cultural, and global dimensions of life. 

Shane Warren & Associates believe that positive psychology leadership requires a partnership between the coach and coachee which is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the executive…


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What is Positive Psychology?

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