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The 'A' Team.


Shane Warren & Associates is a network of practitioners who all operate their own specific services but also prioritise opportunities to work as a collective through our joint associations.  We find such a model gives our clients direct access to a blend of talent each with offices around the region.  The following list is a few of the lead practitioners that work together all the time, it is not a comprehensive list of the 300 plus consultants who deliver programs on our behalf across the globe annually...

Shane Warren is a seasoned psychotherapist with a thriving practice in Sydney, Singapore, and Hong Kong. His academic background spans theology, philosophy, psychology, and business.


Shane wears multiple hats as the Director of the International Resilience Institute Sydney, Nexus College Australasia, and Neuro Balance health IT systems. He also holds key regional leadership roles with the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches and the Association for Coaching.


Internationally renowned, Shane is a sought-after facilitator for leadership development programs within a resilience framework, catering to multinational corporations, non-profit organizations, and small businesses across the Asia-Pacific Region. With thousands of hours dedicated to human resource leadership and organizational development programs, his expertise is unmatched.

Before his international consulting career, Shane made significant contributions to the community and non-profit sectors, holding various leadership positions and shaping welfare, health, and employment policies at all government levels in Australia.


Well-published and often seen in the media - his authorship extends from academic works to accessible psychology and personal development books.

Dina Zavrski-Makaric Executive Coach
Dina Zavrski-Makaric
Nova Directions

Dina Zavrski-Makaric is an executive coach and team facilitator with a focus on developing both established and emerging managers, leaders, and teams. With a rich career spanning Europe and Australasia, she possesses the ideal background to guide individuals through change and transition.

Dina's expertise is rooted in her corporate experience, covering areas such as corporate development, human resources, change management, and corporate communications within large corporations. She collaborates with executives and teams in multinational companies, government departments, and non-profit organizations.

Dina holds a postgraduate degree in Counseling from the Australian College of Applied Psychology in Sydney. She is a certified executive, workplace, cross-cultural, and life coach.


Proficient in various coaching methodologies, Dina tailors her approach to suit each client's unique needs. Her deep understanding of organizational complexity allows her to provide valuable insights and assist clients in discovering creative and sustainable solutions.

Ruen Chew Psychologist
Reun Chew

Dr. Ruen Chew, a psychologist at Happyology, offers consultations and training services across Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. His career commenced in the Creative Industry (Design), where he led projects for major organizations and government agencies.

In 2006, Ruen pursued a Master's in Psychology (Educational Psychology) at the University of Sydney. He was granted the prestigious Thomas and Ethel Mary Ewing doctoral fellowship, which enabled him to complete a PhD, specializing in innovative techniques for motivating individuals.


Dr. Chew's unique approach blends ideas from the Arts, Technology, and Philosophy with the latest Psychology models, resulting in creative solutions such as art-based techniques for staff motivation and creative journal workshops for resilience building.

His client portfolio includes the National Centre for Language Training (UNSW), International Resilience Institute Sydney, American Express (Australia), Bank of Scotland (Asia), and numerous government and private schools in the region.

Jim Choon-Gin Tan Counsellor
Jim Choon-Gin Tan

Jim Choon-Gin Tan brings to the consulting relationship an academic background from some of the worlds most distinguished institutions including the National University of Singapore, New York University and Monash University.


A counsellor and coach in private practice in Sydney, Jim’s previous career was a Management Consultant for McKinsey & Company, plus other big names such as Standard Charter, Anderson Consulting, Singapore Airlines and Telstra.


He brings to the team role an in-depth knowledge of different cultures and a powerful understanding of working in different cultures and different environments. 

Jeff Lou TCM Doctor
Jeff Lou
CHL Medical and Training

Dr Jeff Lou is our team’s bodywork expert.  He brings to the team an academic background in business, music and health.  His MBA is in new business and human resources, while his Doctorate studies are in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


Working from Taiwan and Australia  Jeff is our a go-to-guy for when our team is invited to develop programs that include the physical well-being of the team within the organisation. 

Susan Sandy, with over two decades in mental health, heads Life Vision Counselling, offering specialized services in Relationship counseling, Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and Virtual Mindfulness Therapy. She also provides Welfare and Counselling support to students through the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Her past roles encompass National Sales and Training Manager at Virtual Medicine Australasia, Flight Attendant Training Officer at Ansett Australia, and Occupational Medicine Administration Management at Ansett Australia.

Lewis Lam is a Certified Practicing Accountant and Registered Tax Agent based in Sydney, Australia. Lewis's passion for tax began during his finance studies and was further honed through his role as a senior tax consultant in public practice in Sydney. Currently, he serves as a senior tax and finance consultant and advisor for various public companies across the Asia Pacific rim.

Before establishing his own public practice, Lewis held key positions in Hong Kong and China-based companies. Notably, he served as the Financial Controller for the Asia Pacific region at Florsheim Pacific, a multinational shoe company headquartered in the US, prior to permanently relocating to Sydney.


Besides his expertise in Australian taxation, Lewis boasts substantial knowledge of Hong Kong and China tax systems and business regulatory processes.

Richard Hill Psychotherapist
Richard Hill

Richard Hill's journey is nothing short of remarkable. Starting with a fulfilling but not widely recognized career in the creative arts, he transitioned to academic pursuits at the age of 42 in 1996, earning a Bachelor of Arts in linguistics.


This program of study ignited his curiosity, leading to studies in counseling and a subsequent career shift into psychotherapy.

His thirst for knowledge continued, culminating in three Master's degrees: an MA in Social Ecology, an MEd, and a Masters in Brain and Mind Sciences (MBMSc) from Sydney University.


What sets Richard apart is his mentorship under the esteemed Ernest Rossi PhD, who invited him to join the International Psychosocial Genomics Research Team. This team investigates the impact of therapeutic practices on the genetic level.


Today, Richard Hill is an innovative speaker and author, sharing insights on the mind, brain, and the human condition.

Kait Luker's diverse career blends her academic foundation in arts and medical science. She's been an educator in unique settings, teaching art to inmates in maximum-security prisons, conducting painting and pottery classes for children, and running special interest classes in top Sydney schools. Kait also leads a specialized pottery class annually for the National Art School in Darlinghurst.

In addition to her teaching roles, Kait has held senior positions in medical research, both in laboratories and coordinating various health care studies. Her work spans from adult curative and treatment programs for common illnesses to specialized research with children facing life-threatening conditions.


Beyond healthcare, Kait consults with major global corporations, leveraging her expertise in health sciences to develop preventative health strategies for their employees.

Prof. Venkat Pulla, a Tata Dorabji Merit Scholar, boasts over 30 years of academic, teaching, and research experience both internationally and in Australia. His doctoral research involved a cross-national comparison of development strategies for minorities.

Venkat's teaching career includes positions at the College of Social Work in Red Hills, Hyderabad, and the Regional Centre for Urban and Environmental Studies at Osmania University. He also founded the Centre for Environment Concerns (CEC), a pioneering environmental education organization in India in the mid-1980s, which continues to be a leading research-based NGO.

During his two decades of practice in human services in Australia, Venkat has excelled in management, research, consulting, and training within strengths-based human services management. His expertise covers areas such as child protection, trauma and torture counseling, migrant and refugee resettlement, collaboration with Australian Aboriginal practitioners, and tertiary teaching and leadership.

Dr. Pulla's contributions extend to health and multicultural policies, urbanization, cross-cultural curriculum development, poverty alleviation, social infrastructures, disability and aged care, wage reform, employee strategies, and industrialization policies at local, state, and national government levels.

Toni Langford Counsellor
Toni Langford
TLC Counselling

Toni Langford has been assisting Sutherland Shire residents since early 2005, working with individuals of all ages and backgrounds who are grappling with emotional distress and unresolved problems.


Her approach prioritizes providing a safe space for clients to navigate their challenges and discover effective coping strategies.

Toni doesn't promise quick fixes or instant relief but assures clients of a supportive environment to address current issues and develop new ways of managing life. With a track record of success, she helps individuals achieve improved well-being, emotional ownership, and a positive outlook.

Toni offers comprehensive personal and relationship counseling, addressing a wide range of emotional concerns, from self-esteem improvement to grief and bereavement. Sessions can be conducted in traditional face-to-face settings or through online clinics.

She also specializes in stress and pain management, anxiety, depression, and general life coping skills.

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