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Welfare Walks by SWAA

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In times of great change like the world confronts today we know from research that it is costing each and every team member mental fortitude and strength.


With an increase in personal stress, compassion fatigue and burnout Shane Warren & Associates has teamed with the International Resilience Institute of Sydney to provide a solution focussed debriefing, resilient mindset coaching, grit enhancement and mentoring to find new ways to navigate through these periods of uncertainty.

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How does it work?


We provide an in-residence mental health professional either through a virtual clinic or in-person services (when COVID safe) to undertake both group work and one-on-one support.


Following a reflective practice model for discussions, we take time to reflect on past actions, before moving into a solution focussed strategy built around a resilient mindset so that we can help your team members grow in mental fortitude by exploring default solution patterns, evaluating their effectiveness, and taking steps to modify or replace the problem-solving solutions that work more effectively.


So, if you want to:


  • Support a culture of mental wellbeing;

  • Reduce the risks of health problems;

  • Improve productivity;

  • Decrease unexplained absenteeism;

  • Improve retention;

  • Build stronger morale; and

  • Minimize health care costs to your company.


Then we have method that will help you achieve this!

What are the steps?


This service can be provided on-site (when COVID safe) or via our virtual clinic, through your preferred platform.


If you choose to follow a group approach, we recommend 90-minute sessions, if you opt for one-on-one, we encourage 45-minutes sessions each.  Many of our clients opt for a blend of both.


With group sessions, we follow positive psychology principles to stimulate retrospective discussion, and also to help with psychoeducation around healthy mindset training.

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