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AMGC: Employee Assistance Program

"For success, attitude is equally as important as ability."

-Walter Scott-



Shane Warren & Associates

Providing you with confidential, non-judgemental support!


Who operates the EAP? 


The EAP is not operated by AMGC. We have contracted external providers to provide confidential and independent counselling and employee support services for all employees and their immediate families...


Shane Warren & Associates are the independent EAP providers for the AMGC team.


How can the EAP help me? 


The EAP is about short-term, solution-focused counselling. The counselling discussion is informal, friendly and focused on your needs. It can be face-to-face or over the phone or even through the internet, whichever is more convenient for you. The reason we have opted to include an EAP in our services is that at AMGC we believe counselling can help you to clarify a problem; identify a problem; or develop plans to approach difficult issues in a constructive manner. 


Is my confidentiality guaranteed? 


All EAP consultations are confidential and the EAP providers will not share information about you with anyone unless authorised to do so by you in writing. In the case of workplace issues, you may authorise your counsellor to discuss the matter with another person you nominate to help address the situation. At the beginning of your first session, you may be asked general questions and the EAP counsellor will record some of this information for statistical reporting purposes only. You will not be able to be identified with the information you provide. If you are concerned about this, you may ask your counsellor what information is used and for what purposes. 


When can I access the EAP? 


You can access the EAP in your own time. In this case, it is not necessary to advise your manager and no one will know. You may also request through your manager, to attend an appointment during work time. If approved, you should agree on a suitable time with your manager or supervisor before confirming a time with the EAP provider. It is not necessary to divulge the nature of the problem when requesting time to attend with your manager or supervisor. 


Who can help me decide if the EAP is right for me? 


You can discuss whether the EAP is right for you with your manager or a representative from the Human Resource Department. It is not necessary to divulge the nature of the problem when discussing the EAP with your manager, supervisor or Human Resource Department. You can also talk to the EAP provider to find out if the EAP program is right for you. 



Meet your EAP team...

Shane Warren​


SHANE WARREN is a registered psychotherapist, certified clinical supervisor, certified practising hypnotherapist and certified practising coach, working from rooms across the Asia Pacific region.  He provides services both face-to-face in person or online.  Although Shane has studied theology, philosophy, psychotherapy and counselling; his major academic background is in the school of emotional resilience a subject he researched at the University of Pennsylvania and is well published in.  Outside of his private practice, Shane is a highly sort after consultant and facilitator working with small to large corporations working through organisational development issues. 

Gloria Luo Li.jpg
Gloria Luo Li​


GLORIA LUO LI is a registered clinical counsellor working from rooms in Sydney norths in the suburb of Hurtsville.  She began her career in medicine, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Medical Science from Guangdong Pharmaceutical University in 1989 in China. In 1999, Gloria migrated to Argentina after completing a Spanish language course in Buenos Aires but later moved to Australia in 2000 as part of a family reunion immigration strategy.  Gloria is currently completing a research project in neuroscience with the University of Sydney.  Her counselling interests and specialization include panic and anxiety, depression, social and family relationship, as well as cultural assimilation. Besides English and Spanish, Gloria is fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese.  

Toni  Langford


TONI LANGFORD is a clinical counsellor working from rooms in Gymea, Caringbah and Darlinghurst, her professional expression is in the fields of counselling, facilitation and clinical supervision service, offering face-to-face and Skype counselling and supervision to individuals, couples, families & groups.  Toni's passion is relationship problems & issues, educating couples, friends and colleagues to understand what the other person is saying and not to put their own filters and perspectives on what they think they're hearing. She works from a core belief that the key to good or even great communication is not to be a good talker; it's to be a good or even great listener!

Susan​ Sandy


SUSAN SANDY is a clinical counsellor working from rooms in Bundoora in Melbourne and Darlinghurst in Sydney.  An expert in relationship and marriage issues, as well as work-related stress - particularly PTSD matters.  Sue, has many years of experience as a counsellor both in private practice and as part of the Victorian Department of Education.  She brings to the room a number of specialised training and certifications in a variety of techniques designed to help her clients have better relationships with themselves and others.

Mental Health Plan Supervisors for this service will be:

Dr Lindsay Duncan, Registered Practicing Clinical Psychologist and Dr Derlon Hui, Registered Psychiatrist...





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