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ETIQUETTE TIP: Senior Staff and Peers

Treat everyone with equal respect and consideration.

Feel free to greet everyone by name (if you can - remember the sweetest sound in the world is having someone your respect call you by name).

Be polite, even if you are having a bad day.

Keep an honest face; be open about your difficulties.

Remember smiles are immensely contagious.

Say "hello" to every person you encounter - one can never amount so `high' that they are above being human to even the `lowliest' of employees.

Allow team members to be cheerful, encourage them in this process.

Care about your team, keep in touch with their lives, know when they have had good or bad news and feel comfortable to inquire "How they are going?"

Never shunt off the dirty work to another, be there right in the middle of an emergency, help out in anyway it is needed.

Give praise effortlessly and accept criticism when it is merited.

Be therefor your team at all times.

Respect your teams members as individuals and adults, this reminds us that we are all equal - allow them to call you by your first name.

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