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Why so many psychopaths are the boss?

Is your boss causing you stress? Does your team have retention issues? Are there some days when you think of work and your boss you feel so deflated you want to run back to bed? Does anything sound better then a meeting with your team leader? What about the word psychopath - seem to fit their persona too easily? If yes to any of these read on... A recent study by a team of researchers from the University of Huddersfield that people with psychopathic personality traits matched with a high IQ are able disguise many of the less appealing aspects of their personality so that they can manipulate their way into positions of power and influence – in another word, strategically sweeten the ‘righ

Managing Difficult People

In every organisation, in every part of our lives there are people who we just don’t get. They push our buttons and they make us go crazy… Why? Is it them or is it me? I would suggest that it is a bit of both! To really understand better how to manage difficult people we first must understand how they make us feel, why it drives us so crazy and then we can look at what to do about it. Tip 1: Push Button Adversities The first tip is a something I will borrow from the school of resilience taught to me by Dr Andrew Shatté: Push Button Adversities. The concept of Push Button Adversities is that we all have a number of little things that just drive us crazy. The best way to understand it i

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