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How to Stay Healthy as a Remote Worker

There are definite advantages to working from home, such as no commute and money saved on restaurant lunches and office attire. However, it often leads to longer working hours and weight gain due to sitting for most of the day. Here are a few tips to stay healthy in your remote workspace, courtesy of Shane Warren and Associates.

Cultivate a Positive Home Environment

Pay attention to the energy in your home, since you spend more time there as a remote worker. Being surrounded by negative energy can harm your work. Make your house a positive space by decluttering, cleaning, and organising all that remains so your living space is tidy. Taking these steps reduces your stress and helps you focus on your work instead of the excess clutter or dirt.

Create a Dedicated Office Space

Having a dedicated office space keeps your work and home life separate. Converting a room to an office is ideal, but taking over a large closet or a corner of a room also works. Your goal is to make this space as stress-free as possible. An ergonomic chair and desk are essential to keep your body comfortable and aligned throughout your workday. Your chair should be adjustable so your feet are flat on the floor and your lower back is supported. Your desk needs a drop-down keyboard tray so your lower arm and wrist are level with your keyboard.

If possible, place your desk near a window to enjoy the abundant Florida sunshine. If that's not an option, add ample lighting fixtures to avoid straining your eyes. Finally, add some plants to the space and artwork on your wall to create a cheerful ambiance.

Schedule Your Work Hours

Creating a work schedule helps you avoid burnout caused by working extended hours daily. Cluing your manager and colleagues into these hours lets them know when you are available. Set an alarm for a morning and afternoon break as well as a lunch hour. Take that time to step away from your workspace and walk around the block or enjoy lunch on a sunny patio.

Fuel Your Body With Healthy Foods

Skipping breakfast and consuming lots of sugary or salty snacks leaves your body and mind sluggish. Instead, power through your day by eating healthy foods instead. Start with a filling breakfast of eggs with wholegrain toast or high-fibre cereal and fruit. Have a mix of proteins and carbohydrates at lunch, such as a sandwich made with lean meat with a side of vegetable soup. Rice or pasta with beans also makes a balanced lunch. Snack on fruit, nuts, yoghourt, vegetable sticks, or popcorn. Stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water.

Develop a Fitness Routine

An American Heart Association study revealed most Americans spend six to eight hours per day sitting, which leads to an increased risk of heart disease or diabetes. Developing a fitness routine full of activities you love ensures you get enough of the recommended 150 minutes of exercise each week and two days of strength training. A great way to start is to sign up for a fitness class. Hiring a personal trainer at the gym gives you a personalised exercise plan to follow as well.

Working remotely definitely has its advantages, but it also comes with some challenges. Following these tips can help you stay healthy as a remote worker by enabling you to have a more productive work and personal life.

Shane Warren and Associates are international leaders in human resource leadership and organisational development for the modern workforce. We’d love to hear from you!

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