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Business Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

As I remind my business and entrepreneur coaching clients all the time; success in business is a constant challenge but not a good enough reason to not be bold and take the steps to running your own enterprise. Recently I was asked to share my thoughts with the team at on how to avoid mistakes when running your own business…

If you want your business to be a success then these are the common mistakes you should know about...

Sarah Green | White Chalk Road | On having an invisible website:

“Having a website is vital to the success of your business. But what if your customers can’t find you? Creating a website, does not mean you automatically appear in search results. You must first spend the time creating a Search Engine Optimisation strategy, which will ensure your customers can easily find you, via an online search.”

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Shane Warren | Shane Warren Coaching & Counselling Services | On staying true to your goals:

“I think one of the biggest mistakes business operators can make is to allow oneself to be too distracted. By this I mean not staying true to your core business objective, allowing yourself to be swayed into fade or too many short-term achievements. Be sure to define your true vision and values, stay true to those and then benchmark any presenting opportunities or expansions against these definitions; if they support or complement what it is you’ve set out to do then run with it, if they compete then it’s not a no but rather a moment of step back and reflect: ‘is this a worthwhile opportunity or just a distraction?’ You see we tend to allow ourselves to be distracted not so much because it makes good business sense, but rather because we are not getting the quick wins within our core business so it has become hard and somewhat boring, so we take the risk to get a hit of euphoria with distracted projects.”

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MyDeal Pro Tip 1: Treating it informally

Starting a business from home is popular these days but a mistake some people make is treating their home business too informally. You might be starting a business from home but you still need a corporate space to get work done. Having a dedicated work area can help you to focus on the tasks at hand rather than getting distracted by home comforts and shows people you meet with that your business is more than just a hobby. Holding meetings in proper office chairs is a simple way to set the tone of your meetings. Check out our other article on creating the perfect work environment.

MyDeal Pro Tip 2: Spending too much on flashy things

Fancy interior design is not the same as success. If you think those antique winged chairs are the key reason people are willing to work with you then you are mistaken. Don’t waste your budget on things that won’t increase the quality of your business. All you need is some stylish leather bar stools to dress up your waiting area without the hefty price tag. The money you save can go toward important things like quality marketing and good staff instead.

We all make mistakes sometimes but now you won't have to thanks to some expert advice.

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