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Start the Day Right: Power of Ritual

Rituals are important acts that tend to deepen our sense of awareness by connecting us to our emotional and spiritual health. I believe this happens because you get to enjoy the luxury of time you have gifted to yourself... This week I was lucky enough to share along with many other great Australians what morning rituals they practice and how it helps set up their day for success... Take a look here: Morning Routine Tips From These Successful Business People First Published on Shane Warren Coaching & Counselling Services My Rambles

How to survive long haul flights

For many of us part of the working year means lots of time at airports and on planes; Ally Feiam shares with use some tips on how to survive these long haul flights… [Shane's comment] Going from A to B isn’t as easy as it seems. Flights from Australia (especially south-east Australia; I’m looking at you, Melbourne) to pretty much anywhere in the world can sometimes take over twenty-four hours, so here are some tips to help you survive those long hauls, and arrive on foreign soil feeling refreshed. Have A Good Night’s Sleep An essential tip for avoiding jet lag is getting a good night’s sleep a few days leading up to the flight. Allied Pickfordsoffer their advice for those who don’t want to d

Good Interview Questions #9

Share with us a workplace success you are really proud of... What contributed to its success? Was this a team effort? Do you think you could have pulled off alone? Such a question helps give us insight into the individuals ability to (i) work as part of team, and (ii) how comfortable they are to share the credit…. Depending on what you are wanting if the candidate is not so strongly required to work as part of a team then this will help you gain insight into their ability to go it alone. If they are required to be a team player, then it also gives you insight as to their eagerness to go it alone. The insight we also gain into credit sharing helps you better see what type of ego you may need

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