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Start the Day Right: RIDE TO WORK

In today’s series on ways to Start the Day Right we are looking at a study by the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University in Montreal… In a research project titled ‘Cycling, car, or public transit: a study of stress and mood upon arrival at work’ by Stephane Brutus, Roshan Javadian and Alexandra Joelle Panaccio they followed 123 employees from a local IT consultancy; monitoring how they arrived at work by bike, car, or public transit; and then measured stress levels for each participant. To account for the natural fluctuation of stress and mood throughout the day, the assessment of the dependent variables was made within the first 45 minutes of arrival at work. The survey que

Good Interview Questions #1

In two years from now, where do you see yourself? How about five years? Simple questions but a useful way to gauge how motivated and ambitious the interviewee is… What is the benefit of this insight? It helps you create a vision for that person within your organisation. Someone who presents with ambition is great if you are looking for an individual who will be motivated, willing to go the extra-mile, and likely to contribute ideas to the flow your organisation. Someone who responds with less enthusiasm will help you understand that this might more likely be a doer within your team. Someone who tends to be reliable as long as they are happy within the space. These are team members who ju

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