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Good Interview Questions #1

In two years from now, where do you see yourself? How about five years?

Simple questions but a useful way to gauge how motivated and ambitious the interviewee is…

What is the benefit of this insight? It helps you create a vision for that person within your organisation.

Someone who presents with ambition is great if you are looking for an individual who will be motivated, willing to go the extra-mile, and likely to contribute ideas to the flow your organisation.

Someone who responds with less enthusiasm will help you understand that this might more likely be a doer within your team. Someone who tends to be reliable as long as they are happy within the space. These are team members who just turn up and get the job done (again provided they are happy).

It’s not just the words:

With these questions make sure you listen to the tone of response, the speed in which they answer and the energy in their voice.

Taking nervousness out the scenario, because we all know that when interviewing people we have to take into account nervous brain responses; but listen carefully a strongly motivated person typically can answer such a question confidently and with a certain degree of speed, simply because their goal is at the forefront of their brain.

Someone who hesitates to answer such a question will also give you insight into confidence, decision making and general social ability…

Good luck with the next interview!

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