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Did COVID Mess with Your Brain?

Are you finding, after years of pandemic stress that your decision-making ability and quick responses seem a little harder? You are not alone…

A US based study of 1500 people has found that life in and out of lockdown has affected our brain function. Between April to June 2020 participants were assessed on cognitive function, anxiety, and stress levels, with the results continue to affirm the more stressed and worried individuals felt as the pandemic progressed their cognitive function became impaired.

It is clearly understood that anxiety takes up much of our cognitive resources which in turn slows down whole brain function, affecting how we process information and respond in a timely manner.

Although there is much room for further study, this preliminary research clearly begins to explain why more and more people are complaining about a sense of brain fog and a struggle with making decisions…

SOURCE: This article first appeared on Shane Warren Coaching & Counselling Services


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