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ETIQUETTE TIPS: The Most Important, but Undervalued Job in the Company - The Secretary, Personal Ass

Be warm and friendly in welcoming guests to the company and just as helpful on the phone.

A receptionist's job is far too important to the success of the company to be accorded with a low salary and poor conditions.

People in these positions, like all team players, must dress appropriately to reflect their professionalism and the professionalism of the company.

Greet guest by their last name using correct titles (if it is known).

A well mannered and tidy secretary greatly enhances the organisation.

The secretary elevates the tension of a corporate image by the tactful, considerate way in which they handle the relationship between the `boss' and the world inside and outside the company.

A good secretary handles people so gracefully that when they've been told "no" they go away satisfied all the same.

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