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ETIQUETTE TIP: A Good Team Member Dresses to Reflect Their Position and Keeps Their Area In Such A M

Dress comfortably, using conservatism in modern fashion cuts. Project your personality in your dress, but don't be offensive.

Hairstyles and make-up must be neat, well done and fairly conservative. Do not fuss about with hair and make-up when in view of guests.

When choosing jewellery make sure it is unobtrusive and noiseless.

Keep your hands and nails clean and presentable.

Do not dine, chew gum or smoke at your desk.

Keep your working area neat and tidy.

Smile when you greet each guest and your demeanour must show you are glad to see each one.

Use a cheerful and happy voice when answering the telephone.

Only continue a telephone conversation that is extremely important when approached by a guest, or you know you have a guest waiting.

When on the telephone do not turn your back on guest, as though you wish to cut them out.

Personal calls are to be kept to a minium at work.

Communicate directions in a clear manner, so they are understandable and easy to act upon.

Make sure reception areas are clean at all times and equipped with good reading material.

If a guest is kept waiting longer than usual, any team member should go and see what is happening and report directly back to the visitor.

Treat all guest with equal courtesy.

Address all guests by their last name and correct title.

Keep all company directories, codes of practice and live up to company policies.

Take all fire and bomb evacuations seriously.

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