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ETIQUETTE TIP: When You have to let someone go...

When you have to dismiss a team member because of just causes be sure to provide appropriate notice and if the company directors see fit severance pay; an out placement service; the use of a desk, phone and receptionist for a period of so many seeks, or at least an answering machine to take calls and the continuation of medical converge for a specified length of time.

Do the firing when you know their spouse will be at home and encourage the person to go home and talk about the discussion.

Devote sufficient time to the breaking of the news - be there for the individual immediately.

Encourage them to access the support services provided by the company.

Make telephone calls on the behalf of the dismissed person to people who might be able to advise or steer the individual in the `right' direction.

Be prepared to write a `glowing' reference for the person let to go.

In cases where it is forced dismissal as a result of staff cutbacks, company amalgamation and other such reasons, take the dismissed employee and their family out for dinner and reassure them this is not a reflection on them as individuals, but a sad sacrifice required for company growth.

Keep in touch the individual for a couple of months and help them if you think it fit.

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