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Good Interview Questions #7

Share with me a tale about your last disagreement, small or large, with your direct report… How was it resolved? And now thinking back on it who was right?

This question gets to the guts of the candidates, self-reflection and to a degree their honesty… If they cannot come up with an example this can suggest a couple of things:

  1. They may not be terrible engaged with their workspace. A team member who has not gotten into conflict with their boss over how things ‘should’ be done is probably not that heavily invested in their job.

  2. They may be a bit of a ‘white-ant’ meaning if they have not spoken up against the boss then they probably are offloading that angst with their peers; which in turn can be unhealthy… negativity tends to be contagious!

Alternatively, if they do not want to share such an experience by suggesting they have not had such conflict, well really!? And with this in mind is that the type of person yu want on your team…

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