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ETIQUETTE TIP: Electronic Manners - Cellular Phones, Laptop Computers, Beepers, Faxes, Speakerphones

Never intrude on others privacy by using your cellular telephone in a restaurant, during concerts, at the movies, in the theatre, at the opera or in church.

When using your laptop on the plane do not encroach on the person next to you space.

Remember continuos tapping of computer keys for prolonged periods of time (particularly in quiet spaces) can be particularly annoying.

Beepers are like cellular mobile - don't turn them on unless absolutely necessary in spaces that disturbance is not appreciated. With a beeper if you must have it on (particularly at performance centres) put it on silence.

Don't fax long, unannounced and unwelcomed material.

If you are to send a lengthy document call the would-be recipient's office to seek permission if it's okay to transmit, explaining briefly what you wish to send.

Don't send anything personal or sensitive via the fax.

Mail important material after faxing, this helps ensure the clarity of material.

Remember many people find speakerphones to be an odious contraption.

Seek permission before putting a client on speakerphone.

Remember internal e-mail about the office is not very private so before sending a message stop and think about the repercussions of your words.

Electronic mail by its nature is fairly impersonal - make it more personal in the language you use and don't allow it to become a substitute for personal contact.

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