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Good Interview Questions #2

How long did it take you to get here today? On a busy day how long do you anticipate it will take on a busy day?

This question is not really a benchmark to how well someone will perform the tasks of the job; but rather plants a seed of thought into the candidate about whether they should accept the role if an offer is made…

Few people can really tolerate extensive commutes. General studies here and there suggest that it is about an hour one way that is the max commute people can really stand before their enthusiasm for the work they do begins to waver.

Like I said I am not suggesting this question is for the interview panel - even though lengthy commutes are one most common reasons people give when they exit a company – and we all want to do our best to minimise staff turnover – this question is to help the candidate to reflect on the challenges to taking on the job if an offer is made.

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