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Start the day right: DON’T PUSH THE SNOOZE BUTTON

I think we are all in the habit from time-to-time to hit snooze the button for that extra ten minutes of lying in bed “relaxing”...

Well here is the thing, most of us do not relax in those ten minutes!

What tends to happen is that our mind begins to wonder and sadly wonder in the direction of stress...

We think about the pressure of the days ahead, the high costs of our mortgage and lifestyle, the anger or disappointment from the day before, the sadness that we find ourselves in.

So, what to do?

Don’t hit the snooze button – wake with the alarm and just how the alarm blasts you out of your sleep let the next step be you blasting out of bed!

We have roughly 3 to 5 seconds?

You see if you the secret is we have roughly three to five seconds between deciding to take an action before our critical mass factor starts kicking in… This is not always a bad thing, this is a way the mind programmed to help us protect ourselves and keep us safe; but we need to use it to our advantage!

So, when it comes to starting the day right we know we must get up, get the day started, get the children to school, get off to work and the like…

My challenge to you is for the next week just boom out of bed the moment the alarm goes off, jump in the shower, sing a happy tune and get on with what has to be done. Do this for three days, then congratulate yourself; repeat for another three days; allow yourself to feel how the habit of the past is changing; go for another three days and then take a moment to really stop and review the difference of what you are achieving.

An important note:

This strategy is not about ignoring our lives stresses, but rather about taking charge of what should be achieved in the time. If your life is truly making you unhappy then I strongly encourage you to act to find solution and strategy to improve that…

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